Alfie Shrubb Classic

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The Alfie Shrubb 8k in Bowmanville was an idea around February 2003. After visiting Norah Allin (Alfie’s daughter) we felt we needed to acknowledge his name once again. Alfie died in the year 1964, from 1964 till 2003 really nobody paid much attention to this once great athlete.

I was running with my Running Pal Gord Richardson, and told Gord about Alfie Shrubb. Gord said a run in his honour would be a good idea. June 3rd 2012 we had our 10th Annual Alfie Shrubb Classic. Gord and The Durham Road Dogs were there to help.

There are so many people to thank that have helped along the way. We want to create an event that everyone will want to come every year to compete and to have fun. We believe that this event is a REVIVAL OF HISTORY! The name of Alfred, Alfie, Alf, The Little Wonder will never again go unnoticed. We work always to make the Alfie event the best that we can for all Athletes

Hope to see you at the 11th Annual Alfie Shrubb Classic…June 2013…We MAY have a NEW LOOK to the Alfie Shrubb Classic, stay tuned for updates on this great event.

Thanks for your support in helping to revive past History of our sport.