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In Bowmanville there lived a man
Of sporting fame and world renown
Who shattered records as he ran
At Stamford Bridge and London Town.
No greater athlete ever seen
Had earned a record breaking fame
From two miles upwards to fifteen
All records bore this athlete’s name.

At every meet-at every club
Whenever sporting men would meet
They spoke in awe of Alfred Shrubb
The man that no one could defeat.
With Harry Hutchins, George and Binks
And other men of sporting trends
A world-wide sport was built that links
The athletes of the world as friends.

With all the greatest honor won
Upon him came an urge to roam
To Canada he came to run
The country that became his home.
The people flocked from place to place
To line the highways and enjoy
The fighting power as he’d race
With Longboat of the Iroquois.

Tom Longboat, Brantfords gifted son
Whose prowess was the red man’s pride,
A master of the marathon
With forceful and relentless stride.
In many races through the land
They battled onward side to side
With all the stregth at their command
And speed and courage well allied.

The golden days of racing sport
With Shrubb and Longboat to the force
Saw people cheering as they sought
To urge them on a little more.
They loved to see this couple meet
A well matched pair the end in doubt
As miles would fly beneath their feet
The world’s two greatest fought it out.

But Longboat now has gone -Alas!
And maybe somewhere he has found
A place to stride upon the grass
In some fair happy hunting ground.
But Alfie Shrubb is with us yet
With famous triumphs to recall
A man whose name we won’t forget
An inspiration to us all.

So let us vow to work and train
And challenge all we have to face
To make our sport supreme again
And put it in the rightful place.
For when the people come to know
The pleasure that our sport can bring
That day may come-as long ago
When running reigned-and Shrubb was

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