The Father

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A very reserved, unassuming gentleman, but also an affectioate family man, even though, he took me as a very small child shopping, had business in a large office sat me on the counter, attended to his business then went back home. My Mother immediately asked, “where is Norah”? Dad oh! oh! left her on the counter. As I write this you will see that I am rescued.

We saw really little of our Father when we were small, he was always doing what came naturally, Running or travel, England, Scotland, France, Belguim Gibralter ect. ect. During his lifetime he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 23 times by Cunard Liner, not row boats!

Our Family times were Sundays when he was home, Christmas and Birthdays. Our favorite times where summer weekends when dad would hire a taxi, they’re very large cars with the top folded down which left the back seat very windy blown, great to the delight, My Mother Sister and I with three or four dogs. All sizes are packed in the back seat, we would drive to the woods in Cotswold district to pick bluebells and primroses (wildflowers) by the basket full.  On the way home we stop at a small thatched cottage for tea, seed cake, strawberries and cream. On our return to Oxford we would stop at the infirmary hospital and the children orphanage, where we would leave most of the bluebells and primroses where they we were always well received.

Now the fun is over and it is back to RUNNING! When he went to Australia and New Zealand via the Suez canal, the Indian Ocean it was 44 days on shipboard.

We also liked to see him join the foxhunt as preferred to run with the hounds in place of being mounted. Dogs and horses were some of his favorite people.

Norah Allin passed away May 19th 2009 at the age of 95 we will all miss her