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The life of Alfred Shrubb was an interesting one. Rob Hadgraft has written a great book, The Little Wonder The Untold Story Of Alfred Shrubb.  This biography is written by Rob except the section on The Father, that section has been written by Norah Allin, Alfred Daughter. I know you will enjoy this web site.

This web site has had many who have helped along the way.  In 2003 I first heard of Alfred Shrubb and from that day I wanted to know more. It has been my desire to help the name Alfred Shrubb become more known for he was…One of the Greatest Athletes. You will read and agree that Alfred Shrubb, The Little Wonder deserves this attention.

We will hold our 8th annual Alfie Shrubb 8k Museum Classic June 5th 2011, hope to see you. If you have any questions about Alfie Shrubb contact us

We have added a 5k event to the ever popular 8k Classic


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